Please contact us with any questions.  We will do

our best to give you the information.

(920) 674-6868


Our Store is open Monday - Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

(closed Dec. 24 and 26, and closed Dec. 30 and Jan. 2)

Located just a minute east of the Hwy 26 bypass exit on Hwy 18 in Jefferson, Twice Is Nice is a shorter drive than you might think!  Whether it’s been awhile or whether you have never made the trip, plan a day to peruse our outstanding selection of clothes, shoes, accessories, furniture, household goods, sporting and outdoor equipment, décor, crafts, games, toys and books, all at bargain prices.  Let Twice Is Nice be your new shopping pleasure that there’s no need to feel guilty about!



What We’ve Got!

Stock up on cards and gift ideas to always be ready to make someone’s day.  Children’s clothes are in hot demand and great supply!  Thought about items like bike tires and other outdoor items at TiN?  You should!  Don’t be without some reading material – there are plenty of books and magazines to choose from. And from baseball collectors’ cards to Brewers attire to cleats, Twice Is Nice hits a home run every time.

Stop in soon, say hi, and save!


What Missions We Provide For

Twice Is Nice provides a huge amount of assistance to Lakeside Lutheran High School and other ministries while offering good quality merchandise at great prices.  What’s even more amazing is that this is truly a labor of love, as all facets of the operation of our store – clerks, donation managers, board of directors and more – are 100% volunteer!


We Need Volunteers!

“Why do I volunteer here?” responds a weekly volunteer who also works a full-time position at her job.  “It’s addicting, in a healthy way.  It’s great fun to see items move like they do here, and the people are great to work with.”  Twice Is Nice is anxious for a new influx of volunteers to replace some long-time volunteers who are looking to hang up their laces.  Could you be that fresh face?  Which department would you like to help with?  It’s yours to choose!  You also choose how many hours and how often you wish to work — once a week, once a month, whatever!  For further info, call us at 920-674-6868 and ask for the day manager.